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Wrapped in Wellness

Thermogenic Body Wraps have unbelievable benefits for total body wellness.


Benefits include: Decrease in cellular inflammation, reduction in chronic body pain, stimulates metabolism, increases circulation and blood flow, activates the lymphatic system resulting in weight loss, inch loss, decrease in body fat and burns up to 1600 calories per session.  The wraps also help to reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia due to the endorphins that are created during each session.  Each wrap includes Infrared heat treatment to stimulate collagen for toning, hydrating and maximizing body detoxification.  

Body Wraps have been used for over a 100 years by Greek and Egyptians to improve the skin, cleanse the body and soothe the spirit.


I AM confident you will feel amazing after basting in magnesium, potassium, calcium, niacin, essential oils and planet based herbs that give your body, mind and spirit a revitalized healthy glow from the inside out!


Thermogenic Body Wrap with Infrared Heat


$110 with series of 6 

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