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Just as we must feed our physical body nutrients to stay healthy, we must feed our mind and brainpower DAILY.   Clean, healthy, and positive "nutrients" are essential to influence our thinking.  Therefore, resulting in a higher level of happiness and success.


The teachings through the I AM Empowerment Network will inspire YOU to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!  You will see yourself while connecting with others and learn that we all share a lot of the same dreams, hopes, and desires!


I AM women JOIN THE NETWORK for different reasons. Some come for inspiration to explore new paths, some are here to figure out "what's next", and other's come to get inspired to "slow down".


Whether you're seeking to make new friends, meet powerfully inspirational women, promote change on your career path, grow your business, manage a busy household, or simply seeking spiritual connection within yourself...the I AM network is for you!


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YOU ARE what makes I AM thrive!





I AM is a result of a dream of its founder, JJ Fox, a human sparkler.  This is a powerful group of women with whom I hold in the highest admiration, and I AM so very proud to be a part of it.

~ Paulette Trainor, ASID Paulette Trainor Design, Style, Inspiration


I AM is an inspirational hub where women can connect, share and reveal. The outcome is community mixed with invigoration where women can pass on their authentic and passionate selves!

~ Lisa Deniz Founder: & &


Each I AM event is life changing, each time I walk away with a new ahh-hah! One common thread for me is the realization that we are all so much the same! And when I AM at the events I realize I AM not alone in my dreams, my fears, my longing to connect and my desires to change the lives of others, one breath at a time.

~ Liz Bringham Founder: Yoga Bliss Studio


Joining I AM has been such a gift in my life. The group presented itself to me at a time in my life when I really needed some positivity and support. Being a part of the I AM tribe is like being a part of your own personal cheerleading squad!

~ Lisa Kennedy Watrous Founder: Closet Candy


The I AM events are reminders of all things we have to look forward to. It’s like gassing up your car. You fuel up your soul to push yourself to the next level of whatever it is you’re looking for. The energy and inspiration that flies around during these events will give you a new fresh perspective on the rest of your life.

~Amy Guthrie Founder/President: Chef’s Mercantile, Christmas & Co. & William Glen Inc.


I AM has brought new energy to my life personally and professionally. Every time I participate, I laugh, learn and grow as a person. On top of that I have met some amazing women I never knew where out there!

~Kara Turner Founder: Publisher, Kidaround Magazine


I AM. Let me check into myself! I get to feel raw, vulnerable, loved, silly, smart, sexy, most importantly empowered. It is a space where you really step in to who you are, who you want to be, what you want to change/or not change. I AM is a gift to myself!

~Pasha Hughes, Life Coach

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